About plant

The factory was established in 1961 on the basis of normalized units glass plant. His first game (normal) plant produced in June 1961 and was named GOMEL normalized units.In 1970 the plant started manufacturing units to the universal machine: gearbox and aprons. From 1976 to 1991. was a member of the Moscow Industrial Association "Red Proletarian".In 1972 he started to produce radial - drilling machine model 2E52. In November 1975, the plant was renamed in normalized units Gomel Machine Tool Units Plant. From this period, the plant expands the range of nodes to the universal machine and mastered production of radial drilling machine model 2K52, 2K52-1, 2K522, GS544, GS545. In 1992 the plant started producing universal lathes GS526 model and implementation. In 2005, mastered the production of CNC lathes 16GS25F3 model with the largest diameter of the workpiece over bed 500mm and 1000mm RMC. To the frame using the control system «SIMENS», «FAGOR» and «Mitsubishi» (according to customer requirements can be equipped with other systems) to handle the details of a complex structure can be used in different industries. In 2006, began producing a new radial drilling with Drilling Capacity 50mm.
Currently, the plant produces:
Lathes Group:
- Universal screw-cutting lathe GS526 model, designed for a variety of turning operations centers or chuck, and for threading. At its base is created machines mod. GS 526U, HS 526UM, GS 526U-01, GS-01 526UM, 526U GS-02, GS-02 526UM, and others with a long established part of 1000 to 2000 mm. The machines can be equipped with drilling and milling devices, allowing the user to perform drilling, milling and tapping at different angles on the details set out on the support lathe;
- Lathes with DRO;
- CNC lathes.
- As well as components (gearbox and aprons for lathes, automatic head for CNC machines).
Drilling group:
- Range of radial drilling machines (looms model 2K522, GS545, 2K550)
- Vertical drilling machine model 2T140 (Drilling Capacity 40 mm);
- Gamma Bench drilling machines (looms model GS2116K, GS2112, 2R118)
In 2008, the plant has produced a prototype lathe model 16GS25SU operational control system, and a new CNC lathe model GS1725F3, vertical drilling machine, model 2T125 and 2T150.
Since 2005, radial drilling machines model 2K522, GS545, lathes GS526U and its variants have been certified for compliance with the essential safety requirements of the EU directives and the new global approach and have the right to apply the CE marking.
Production of machine tools and machine tool components are certified for compliance with STB ISO 9001-2009.
On 26 November 2010 the plant was renamed to Open Joint Stock Company «Gomel Machine Tool Units Plant".
Machines and machine components manufactured at the plant, has repeatedly received awards at various international exhibitions. Production of "Gomel Machine Tool Units Plant" - winner of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus and "Best Goods of Belarus in the Russian market."

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