Machines of turning group:
- the universal screw-cutting lathe of the GS526 model intended for performance of various turning works in the centers or the chuck and also for cutting of carvings. On its base of created machines: GS526U, GS526UM, GS526U-01, GS526UM-01, GS526U-02, GS526UM-02, etc. with a length of established detail from 1000 to 2000 mm. Machines can be completed with the boring-and-milling devices allowing to perform in addition drilling, milling works and cutting of a carving under different angles on the details established on a lathe support;

- lathes with DRO;
- lathes with CNC.
- and also units (feedboxes and aprons to screw-cutting lathes, automatic heads to machines with CNC).

Machines of drilling group:
- list of radial-drilling machines (machines of model 2K522, GS545, 2K550);
- machine of vertical-drilling model 2T140 (the greatest diameter of drilling 40mm);
- list of bench-drilling machines (machines of the GS2116K, GS2112, 2R118 model);